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9 DIY Summer Treats for your dog

9 DIY Summer Treats for your dog

Check out these awesome treats to help your pup beat the heat this summer! 

1. Peanut Butter & Jam frozen “toasts”

Mix some fresh, preferably organic, strained strawberries and water and pour the mixture in an ice cube tray. Top with a bit of Peanut Butter, pop it in the freezer, and voila! In a few hours, your dog will enjoy some delicious fruity goodness.

2. Breath freshening minty freezies

Chop up bits of mint and parsley, and mix them into greek yogurt (you can use soy yogurt if your dog has a sensitive tummy). Pour the mixture in an ice cube tray and freeze them to make these yummy looking freezies. Plus, your dog will have minty fresh breath. Bonus!

3. Coconut drops for a shiny coat

These are super-easy and healthy, as coconut is good your your dog’s skin and coat! Just soften some coconut oil, make little drop shapes on a tray, and freeze them. You can then store them in an airtight container in the fridge for a while, as coconut oil stays hard in cool temperatures.

4. Strawberry filled yogurt surprise

Your dog will be delighted when he bites in one of these yogurt surprises to find out that they have a delicious strawberry filling! To make these, just dip strawberries in greek or soy yogurt and freeze until hard.

5. Doggie S’mores

Nothing says summer like S’mores! If you want your pooch to enjoy a delicious and safe BBQ treat, put some carob spread (this can be bought or made by mixing carob powder and yogurt) and greek yogurt between two dog biscuits. Freeze for a less messy result! DO NOT use chocolate, it is poisonous to dogs!

6. Pupsicles

A classic! Fill up party cups or an ice tray with water mixed with either greek/soy yogurt or bits of fruit and stick a dog biscuit in each. Once frozen, and you remove the cup, they will look like perfectly adorable popsicles for dogs.

7. Apple-topped peanut butter bites

Same principle as the strawberry filled surprises. Mix some peanut butter (or yogurt) with water to make tasty ice cubes, add bits of apple in the middle. Freeze and watch your pooch enjoy.

8. Chicken stock and parsley freezies

Perfect low calorie summer treat if your dog is on the chubby side and you want to avoid sugary/fatty ingredients. Simply make ice cubes with organic chicken stock and add bits of parsley for fresh breath! Chicken stock can contain high levels of salt, so please make sure you check sodium levels first.

9. Super mega pawesome fun filled frozen cake. With toys!!

Ideal for a puppy party or for an insanely hot summer afternoon. Fill up a cake mould with water (you can add a tiny bit of low sodium organic chicken stock) and stuff some of your dog’s favorite toys in there. Then freeze! Your pup will spend hours licking away at the cake to get the toys, staying both hydrated and entertained.